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Everybody started somewhere. In the My Journey posts we ask an accomplished athlete / star / thought leader how they got where they are now. We hope their stories will inspire and motivate you.

In this seventh My Journey post, we had a chat with Agnes Muljadi who is a passionate ballerina based in Los Angeles. We hope you enjoy Agnes Muljadi's journey.
Agnes Muljadi
Tell us a little bit about yourself :)

I am a Los Angeles based vegan ballerina & social media influencer.

How did you get introduced to ballet?

My mom was a ballet dancer so I got introduced to the art form when I was very young. I started taking class at a local studio and I just never stopped dancing.

When did ballet get really serious for you?

I guess it was when I was 12 that I realized that I want to pursue dancing seriously and I never missed a class that year. There's a certain kind of freedom in expressing myself through ballet that is addicting to me.

Can you share your biggest challenges? 

In ballet, just like in life, we're always striving for a level of perfection that is always out of reach. There's always the next level of improvement and progress you need to master. That can be very frustrating for me at times and I needed to develop my patience and tenacity very early on.

How do you handle pressure?

I think I am the worst critic and yes of course I put a lot of pressure on myself to do and look better every single class. The way I handle pressure is through working in the studio and repeating certain combinations that are challenging for me.

Can you share your thoughts on self consciousness ?

Generally when I am on stage I don't really feel self conscious. I actually feel quite at home on stage. I try to pay a very close attention to every detail in class in order to keep improving my technical weaknesses.

What was your most embarrassing moment (in regards to your sport of course ;)

One time I was dancing the Street Dancer from Don Quixte and I stepped on stage with one leg warmer. Luckily I didn't even notice it until I was offstage. I had to quickly forget about it and continue on with the show.

How did your passion influence your life in other ways ?

Ballet has taught me so many valuable life lessons: the importance of repetition, focusing on your goals, developing a solid work ethic and constantly challenging yourself to go beyond what is possible.

What does your daily routine look like?

I typically stretch at least 40mins to 1 hour everyday and have 2-3 hours of ballet technique 5/6 days a week. In addition, I also do pilates, yoga, and gyrotonics.

What about your flexibility training? Where does that fit in?

My flexibility has improved a lot through doing yoga and gyrotonics. I also stretch on my own either at home or in the studio at least 40 mins every day.

What keeps you motivated?

I stay motivated by looking at other art forms and watching perfomances. I love going to the museum and watch ballet on youtube to get inspired. I also love the feeling of overcoming what we perceived to be out physical limitations.

What are your future plans/goals/dreams?

I would love to do a ballet campaign for a magazine or a green/sustainable company.

Any tips for passionate ballerinas starting out?

Make sure you do it because you love it. Ballet is extremely demanding, it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Anything you’d like to promote?

I am very passionate about my vegan lifestyle. Feel free to follow my instagram @artsyagnes.

Agnes Muljadi

I am a Los Angeles based vegan ballerina.

Instagram: @artsyagnes

Ballet, Creating content for my Instagram account, Vegan food

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