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Why does stretching feel so good?

Why does stretching feel so good?
Why does stretching feel so good?

It´s an open secret that stretching is generally good for us because it can improve posture and blood circulation, prevent injury and only takes few minutes! Interested to know more about stretching health benefits? Read our 7 amazing health benefits of stretching article.

So why does it feel so good to stretch and why do we feel uplifted after? Well, the answer is simple - because stretching releases endorphins. In fact, every physical activity, including stretching, increases the number of endorphins that can elevate mood and help with pain and depression.

It is a short-term reaction of our body to the pain that is caused during work out. Even if you don´t feel any pain, your muscles still are getting damaged and your body releases endorphins to relieve the pain.

The endorphins 'hide' the pain and make you feel good. That's their principal function: letting you go through pain. They do this by inhibiting the transmission of pain signals and they may also produce a feeling of euphoria.

So, whenever you feel like you need a pick me up, spend some time stretching and you will feel better in no time.

But stretching doesn´t make you feel better only by releasing endorphins. Luckily, having a stretching routine can benefit your happiness in a long-term. Stretching helps you become more flexible and tones your muscles which can make you look and feel better. And who doesn´t feel better when they are feeling confident?

Once you start noticing small improvements in your posture and flexibility you won´t stop! Your own reflection in the mirror will become your best motivator and you´ll be happy that one day you´ve decided to try stretching.

As soon as you start your stretching routine it will have a snowball effect. Endorphins will be released to help elevate your mood and keep your positive attitude more consistent. Then you will get tired because you are doing the physical activity which will, in turn, make you happier. As the result, stress will go down because you are looking after yourself and are happy you will have fewer things to worry about in your daily life!

Endorphins are the gift our bodies give us to live a natural, holistic and incredible life!

You don´t have to be a superstar athlete to be able to perform a simple daily stretching routine. You should always remember to warm up and be careful with your technique while stretching to avoid any possible injuries. It should never feel painful, only a little bit uncomfortable. You can check out our stretching exercises for flexibility for more information and some inspiration or simply search for some videos.

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